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Summer 2016

Howdy, Folks!  8)

It's mid-summer on the Jersey Shore and beach culture is in full-swing!  This is my second-favorite season because I love the ocean!  I have not been very artistically-active for the last couple of years.  I used to say that it was because work, school, and life had left me with little time to create.  However, when the university for which I'd worked was on the losing end of a merger, I lost, too -- my job, that is.  I'm in the biz of higher education administration, teaching, research, evaluation, and grant-writing so if your institution is hiring, or you know of any job leads, then please drop me a line at

Looking for my next position has become my new full-time job and I'm still pursuing my PhD, I'm happy to say.  But the fact that I have more time on my hands has led to a new subject of photography for me: florals.  I was inspired by a call for art from a local hospital system that needed floral photographs for a new OB/GYN suite and once I got started then I couldn't stop.  So check out the gallery FloralVision for these new pics, to which I will be adding in the coming months.

I hope that you're doing fabulously and that your summer is full of color and light!

Here comes the sun,