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Summer 2013

Howdy, Folks!  8)

Well ... it's been a mighty loooooooong time since I updated my website!  Forgive me -- I began a doctoral program at the University at which I work during the same year that my University was merging with another one.  I've had little time for sleep much less for art but I am starting to return to a state of mind where I can begin artistic pursuits once again, with the encouragement of many of my colleagues, for whom I am grateful!

My last update was in the early fall, just as the leaves began to change and before Hurricane Sandy hit.  I live in New Jersey "down the shore" but escaped the destruction with very minor damage to my home.  Others were not so fortunate and even now, eight months later, the efforts to restore, repair and rebuild continue.

You will not see a single photograph on my website of the storm or its aftermath.  In fact, I did not take any.  That was an intentional decision on my part.  During my eight days with no power and no connection to any type of media I had no idea of the extent of the havoc wreaked by Sandy.  Once I had access to a TV and I was able to drive outside of the immediate vicinity of my home, I was absolutely shocked by what I saw.  Instead of proliferating that sense of total despair by memorializing it in my art, I encourage you instead to view my pre-Sandy images of the Jersey Shore and the surrounding areas in the Galleries on this site.  I would like to remind everyone that what once was will be again.

I also encourage you to visit my profile on See.Me and click the "Support Me" button on the site to share my profile on your Facebook and Twitter feeds.  If 99 people do so then I will be eligible to compete for a chance to win a great big exhibition in NYC.  So, what are you waiting for?  Click that link!  8)

Speaking of exhibitions -- three of my photographs of LBI were just chosen for inclusion in an international multimedia exhibition in NYC!!! Here are the details:

What: The Story of the Creative
When: July 25-Sept 10
Where: Angel Orensanz Foundation, 172 Norfolk Street, NYC 10002
Opening: July 25, 6pm (free!!)
FMI: Click!

Thanks for sticking with me as I try to balance work, school, life and art.  I hope that you're doing fabulously and that I get to see you at the opening on July 25.

Happy Summer,