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Autumn 2014

Howdy, Folks!  8)

It's the early fall on the Jersey Shore and the leaves are just beginning to change.  This is my favorite season because I love all of the colors!  I have not been very artistically-active for the last couple of years.  Work, school, and life have left me with little time to create.  I used to exhibit in several juried shows every month and now I'm limiting myself to exhibits by invitation.

I am happily in just such a show this month and I hope that you can see it if not attend the reception with the seven participating artists.  Given the time of year, the show is Hurricane Sandy themed: paintings and photographs of the Jersey Shore before and after Sandy.  I escaped the destruction with very minor damage to my home.  Others were not so fortunate and even now, two years later, the efforts to restore, repair and rebuild continue.

You will not see a single photograph in my part of the exhibit or on my website of the storm or its aftermath.  In fact, I did not take any.  That was an intentional decision on my part.  During my eight days with no power and no connection to any type of media I had no idea of the extent of the havoc wreaked by Sandy.  Once I had access to a TV and I was able to drive outside of the immediate vicinity of my home, I was absolutely shocked by what I saw.  I did not want to proliferate that sense of total despair by memorializing it in my art.  However, I respect and admire those who made a different choice and you'll see some of that work in this exhibition.

Thanks for sticking with me as I try to balance work, school, life and art.  I hope that you're doing fabulously and that I get to see you at the opening on October 12 -- full details in the picture above.

Happy Fall,